Quality LiFePo4 batteries that are available in the UK?

Many thanks to Mark Hirst who writes:


Bioenno batteries come up all the time when hams talk about LiFePO4 batteries, but I haven’t found a source for that brand in the UK.

When I search Amazon, I get all kinds of brands and I don’t know whether to trust the “reviews” or star ratings.

Brands I’ve found so far are Talentcell, Miady, Eco-worthy, and RoyPow, with only Talentcell being mentioned in a review by a US based ham on YouTube.

I wondered if you knew of other good brands I could try and find.


Thank you for your question, Mark, as I’ve been asked this a lot no doubt because I almost exclusively use Bioenno LiFePo4 batteries. Like you, I try to stick with quality battery products since cheaper/knock-off products tend to have inferior battery management systems.

Readers: Could you please offer Mark your suggestions for quality LiFePo4 batteries that are available in the UK?

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  1. I have had the same experience as Mark, and have yet to find a solution. Therefore I am looking forward to seeing any replies.

  2. Hi Thomas and Mark,

    I can highly recommend all products from the German brand http://www.eremit.de. Small business and very nice guy and very professional – all hand-madr. Kind of a hidden gem for ham radio batteries.

    For international customers they have a distributor in Austria and they do ship to the UK for 12,5 Euro which seems very reasonable. However I am not sure how long this will take and if customs is a problem esp. with Brexit in effect.

    Kind regards and 73s,
    Leo (DL2COM)

  3. Am blown away by the purchase of battery packs and wire antennas.
    Have recycled laptop batteries for years and have had great success.
    It does take some care and sorting but the result is battery packs I can configure to suit my needs.
    Have even cobbled together a 150ah lithium for my travel trailer
    Cost , was my time.

    1. Hi Phil. Sure, putting together something using lipo’s rather than lifepo4’s can be done, but personally I’m looking for a lifepo4 for at least two specific reasons:

      – they are less ‘fragile’, and less likely to catch fire if you mistreat them than lipo’s
      – they have a larger number of charge/discharge cycles than lipo’s

      but, lipo’s seem to be mostly taking over the world, as they are cheaper and I believe have slightly better energy density. I’m willing to trade the density for safety and number of cycles and sadly price 😉

  4. Andrew beat me to it…
    I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a good and not silly priced lifepo4 in the UK for some time now. My eyes keep coming back to tracer as the ‘best’ option, but the price is fairly steep, and they use what seem to be fairly custom connectors.

    Things to watch out for I’ve seen when evaluating lifepo4’s for TRX use are:
    – watch out for the ratings on the motorcycle replacement batteries – they tend to show the ‘lead acid equiv’ rating rather than the true rating – you have to dig into the details.
    – many of the small lifepo4’s don’t have a high sustained current capability – check they will supply the continuous current you need
    – I suspect not all battery management systems are the same 🙂

    The other source I keep an eye on are https://hobbyking.com/ – they have lifepo4 packs, and ship to the UK (or did) – but they have a limited selection of 4-cell units, and looks like they might not have any in stock in the UK right now.

    The other things I peruse are larger ‘portable power packs’, like the goalzero yeti range. They also seem to be going up in price, and not all have 12v out or sufficient continuous current.

    The search goes on… how I wish you could get a QRP Ranger pack in the UK 🙂

    Graham M7GRW

    1. hi there
      tracer is tehw ay to go for me
      no faff-ing about with 18650 cells
      plenty of power
      Well made
      10 uk pounds for a cable adaptor is not cheap
      but if you are using Anderson Power poles it is needed
      never looked back

      could cobble someting together – but I would rather not….

      think about it
      a Windcamp is 100 quid.. really…
      for an 818nd

      and whilst streamlined – it is limited …

      tracer I say and eb done with it
      buy once cry once

  5. Hi Thomas, I have the Talentcell 3000mah pack which is nice but a little pricey.
    Also I have 8000mah Miady LiPO4 which would happily run my G90 full 20w portable for hours. Both from Amazon UK.

    73 Steve MW0SAW

    1. Hi,

      I can vouch for Miady as a brand, l have a 6ah pack that I use for all my QRP rigs. They are also available in the US, and was tested by Jason (KM4ACK) in some of his YouTube videos. I got mind from Amazon.

      Jan (M7HNK)

  6. Hi, UK here too! Started with a https://www.tracerpower.com/lifepo4-12v-16ah-battery-pack.html. This unit is extremely capable and comfortably ran the FT891 @ 100w with plenty in reserve. I have used Bioenno whilst in the US and they are very well built – but not as robust as the TracerPower. Downside is cost++.
    For QRP work, do yourself a favour and go to https://www.fogstar.co.uk/collections/batteries and get some Molicels (slightly more expensive from here but absolutely guaranteed to be the real McCoy), watch a few Tube vids and make your own. Make sure to use a BMS, make 4S2P batteries and undercharge them to 15V. Good value, Last for ages at QRP, very high quality and conveniently light and compact.
    Howard, M0YZT

  7. Hello Tom,

    Same problem here in Canada, Here in the Province of Québec, we have “BATTERY EXPERT STORE ” They sell all kinds of batteries, solar panels, and parts accessories.

    But they do not sell LIfePO4 batteries, nor Anderson power pole ( They never heard about that kind of connectors) because these batteries would be too much expensive, and anyway, nobody are asking for this kind of batteries!!!

    In fact the real reason is:

    Hi custom fees, Canadian sale tax is 5%, Québec Provincial sale tax is 9.75% ,= 14.75% plus shipping you have to pay ,

    At the end the final price in Canada is nearly double for the same thing in US .

    K2 BATTERY: http://www.k2battery.com

    Here I use K2 Battery for years, got it from Quebec Battery, store but now do not keep it anymore, because of the high shipping cost, and high custom fees. plus currency…

    Anyway I keep searching, as I would like to buy some along with matching solar panel/charge Controller, of good quality.

    I also tried with Buddipole as they have some nice batteries
    Chris told me Please note: lithium battery packs are no longer available for international shipment due to new IATA regulations

    Any readers in Canada who can help ??

    I never see one up to date, cross finger Hi!!

    Thanks for sharing , and let me know if some readers in Canada can help;

    All the very best,

    73 Mike VE2TH

      1. Good evening Michael,

        First, I want to say a “BIG THANK YOU” for your help for this information , it is really great. You make my day and my week.-

        No doubt Modern outpost have what I’m looking for. The great thing about them, is we can read complete information on every products, and it is in Canada.-

        Well, hope to work you some day around the QRP frequencies.

        I wish you the best health, stay safe,
        Best 72/73

        Mike VE2TH The QRP’er for 58 years.-

      2. Thanks for that information! It would make it useful to buy a battery when I’m next in Montreal and leave it there to avoid the need to keep taking one back and forth between the U.K and Canada for my portable rig.
        Keith G0RQQ / VA2QU

  8. Hello Thomas, for everyone in the UK Ultramax 16, 18 and 22Ah golf trolley LFP batteries are fantastic I’ve got all 3 versions running various items at home along with a small amp and transceiver which pulls 18A during transmit. They are readily available on Ebay from their main distributer who is based in London and they respond to questions extremely quickly. All 3 of my batteries have 30 amp BMS’s and come with a T-bar to standard wired Powerpoles thick waterproof cable which easily handles 18A with no issues. Any quality Golf shop will stock similar LFP batteries as well. They are very easy to pack and travel with and can be charged through the PP cable although they are fitted with a lotus coaxial charging port on the side which I never use. A good golfing shop I’ve used is http://www.topcaddy.co.uk based in Glasgo who again are very easy to deal with.

    I should mention like Bioenno Ultramax produce regular 7.2, 9 and 12Ah 12V LFB batteries fitted with spade terminals and their larger range from 18 to 200Ah are fitted with M5 and larger screw/bolt terminals.

    For those interested I have the Eco-Worthy 10Ah and 30Ah batteries as well and both of my batteries are bang on spec ordered through their official Ebay store in the UK but obviously I can’t comment on other peoples experiences with these but Ultramax have a solid reputation in the boating/vanlifer community in the UK. Both my Eco Worthy and Ultramax batteries hold voltage absolutely fine and don’t drop below 12.8V during TX.

    I should also mention most golfing retailers will wire up a ring terminals to PP cable for you to the standard ARRL spec using 30A rated genuine PP connecters and cable but you can’t find quality cable like in the USA so I’ve ordered several PP cables from Valley Enterprise in Rigby, ID through Ebay with my orders arriving in around 10 days door to door with full tracking through the GSP obviously shipping is a bit steep but no issues through UK customs. I’ve got some other PP cables being delivered by Royal Mail today from another small shop in Orem, UT again only 9 days for delivery door to door using USPS and Easyship and RM providing the last mile delivery.

    Finally, I haven’t found F type to PP cables in the UK so I’ve had to order some from the States which are perfect for smaller LFP batteries.

    Please stay safe and best 73 to all.

  9. A late follow up to the much appreciated suggestions in the comments.

    I eventually ordered an Ultramax 7.5Ah battery with charger included from a UK supplier on eBay.

    Working well so far.

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