LD-11 side rails via N2HTT

A few weeks ago, Mike (N2HTT), reached out after seeing this field report and video featuring the LD-11 transceiver.

I mentioned to him that I gave the LD-11 to my daughter Geneva (K4TLI) as a prize for passing her General class exam in the spring.

Mike very kindly offered to send her a set of personalized 3D-printed side rails he designed for the LD-11 and SKY-SDR.

They were incredibly easy to install and the quality is excellent. They’re lightweight, yet incredibly sturdy. Her callsign is tastefully embedded on the left frame bracket.

Mike has an online shop at HamGear3D.com where I see he also sells a 3D-printed frame for the Icom IC-705.

I love plugging mom-and-pop ham radio stores, so please check out his site.

And, Mike, thanks again. Geneva absolutely loves them and knows this will keep the front panel and buttons protected in her pack and during our upcoming field activations this winter!

Thank you again!

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