Elecraft notes mid-November price increases

Those of you who subscribe to the Elecraft newsletter, no doubt, took note of this particular news item:

Price Increases Coming in November

By now you may have seen and heard the numerous communications regarding the impact the global pandemic is having on supply chains, and what has in turn resulted in price increases of raw material, parts, and transportation costs. Unfortunately, we have also been affected by these increases. Given this situation, we will be increasing prices of products across all product lines on November 15, 2021. Any orders before November 15, 2021 will be honored at the lower prices.

We value your business and thank you for your patience as we navigate these challenging times.

Elecraft isn’t the only manufacturer who will soon increase prices. I’ve spoken with other manufacturers who’ve told me that, along with raw materials/parts,  even their shipping and packing supplies have increased as much as 15-20%. For many manufacturers, this takes a deep cut into narrow profit margins, so price increases are inevitable.

If you’ve been planning to purchase an Elecraft product even knowing there may be a lead time involved, you might consider pulling the trigger before November 15, 2021.


9 thoughts on “Elecraft notes mid-November price increases”

  1. Yes I’ve been procrastinating getting a Kx2 pack since I have a Kx3 but I think I’m gonna “pull the trigger” now, even though it’ll probably be close to February before I would get it. But it’ll be a zillion below zero here at that time so other than setting it up on my desk in the shack, won’t be much pota’ing anyway.

    de AD8EV

  2. I received my Antenna Tuner T-1 a couple of weeks ago. I really don’t don’t need anything else for POTA/SOTA but…

  3. Chameleon Antennas recently announced increases of up to 30% on most of their products. Sighs…buy now and wait for backordered item to ship, or buy later and pay more. Neither is an attractive option. I almost pulled the trigger on a TX-500 last June. I would still be waiting if I had. I guess it’s a good time to find a way to be happy with what I already have.

    1. I misspoke. 15-18%. That’s still substantial on antennas already on the premium end of the pricing spectrum.

  4. I order T1 tuner around first part of Oct. When one goes to EleCraft site and selects to look at a product small window comes up stating to check ship dates as they might be out of stock and delayed.

    T1 order did say out of stock and expected to ship by 10/15. I receive the T1 10/20.

    EleCraft is working on keeping up, but there are supply issues as with about everyone.

    I was a manufacture of an electronic products. Yes keeping stock on parts is a primary issue. If even one part of say 100 parts is missing, cannot ship. I always tried to stay ahead of the game, even with finished products.

  5. I purchased a KX3 in September and it took a month or so to arrive. Margaret from Elecraft keeps you informed and my payment info was updated due to delay. Elecraft is such a class act.

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