Video: DL1DN’s amazing QRP DX and being aware of uSDR clones

Many thanks to Steve (MW0SAW) who shares the following video of DL1DN making a very enthusiastic contact with VK5MAZ–Germany to Australia–QRP SSB pedestrian mobile:

What an amazing accomplishment! I think I felt as excited as David did in his video. The reception of VK5MAZ was simply phenomenal, too!

uSDR clones

David (DL1DN) mentions at the end of his video that he had been in touch with Manuel (DL2MAN) who is the designer of the incredibly affordable uSDR transceiver project. David had featured a Chinese clone version of the uSDR in some of his previous videos. These days, it’s difficult to know if you’re ordering a clone or the original item because often the clone so closely mimics the original.

As I understand it, the uSDR is completely open source and, at least at time of posting, there is no comprehensive kit version available. However, all of the information needed for gathering parts and building the uSDR are public and free.

Manuel (DL2MAN) made the uSDR project open source with the condition that it cannot be used for commercial purposes (in other words, produced by another party and sold as a product). Of course, it was very quickly cloned by manufacturers in China and is now available on eBay.

David shared a link to Manuel’s recent video speaking about the differences between the two units:

You’ll note that I try to steer clear of clones on I do this mainly because I like supporting the original developers and designers of radios and kits when possible. I feel like by doing this, I’m supporting the innovators in our community as opposed to taking money away from them.

On that note, I’m in the market for an M0NKA mcHF transceiver!

5 thoughts on “Video: DL1DN’s amazing QRP DX and being aware of uSDR clones”

  1. This is spectacular in so many aspects! It illustrates once again that everything is possible in radio and that the only magic sauce really needed is “going outside”.

    Gotta link to this in some future guest post of mine. 🙂

  2. Excellent condx recently certainly helped him a lot. This reminds me of my first 20 m SSB QSO contacting a station in New Zealand, using an IC-703 QRP rig. My power was 10 W and the antenna around 9 m of wire on the balcony. If the dx conditions are fine, almost everything is possible. Some days ago 10 m and 11 m were wide open between Europe and North America. You just have to be active at the right time on the right band 🙂

  3. There are official tr(u)SDX Kits and also ready built rigs available from sellers via AliExpress. DL2MAN has linked a certified shop using the specified components.


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