A video tour of Scott’s Discovery TX-500 field pack

Many thanks to Scott (KK4Z), who shares the following comment in reply to my Discovery TX-500 field pack built around the Red Oxx Micro Manager.

Scott writes:

I finally got my bag together.

Instead of the 5.11 pack I went with my Filson Journeyman. I like the old school retro look since I am old school retro.

Here is a video on my pack using the TX-500:

Click here to view on YouTube.

I love this pack, Scott! I’ve never owned a proper waxed canvas bag, but I’ve heard so many good comments about them in terms of comfort and longevity. Like Red Oxx, the Filson brand is well known for quality products.

I like how you mounted your N0SA SOTA paddles to the clipboard so that they can be easily pivoted for transport.

I also like those POTA/QRP cheat sheets. I have those in my KX1 kit, but none of the others. I need to make some with QRP calling frequencies and the 60M channels (which I always forget in the field). Thank you for the tip!

Cutting an exercise mat to make a padded seat for the field is incredibly practical. That would also serve to pad the back of the pack and, as you point out, make sitting on wet ground much more comfortable!

KK4Z’s Discovery TX-500 Pack List

At my request, Scott very kindly provided links to the gear in his field kit:

Thank you so much for sharing this, Scott!

Would you like to share a video or photo tour of your field pack?  Please contact me. I absolutely love seeing how others pack out their kits as I always learn a trick or two myself!

5 thoughts on “A video tour of Scott’s Discovery TX-500 field pack”

  1. Thanks for posting. It was fun putting it together. I took the pack out Saturday during the X1 flare and the cold/rain. The kit worked well. I also shot a quick video of operating the TX-500 in the rain.

  2. Great article and video, thanks.

    Wonder how you erect your 40 OCFD.

    I often use one at parks, I use 20ft portable flag pole inv vee config. Flag pole is not so good for backpacking, but good for parks.

    73, ron, n9ee/r

    1. Hi Ron. I used a throw weight and throw line to hoist the center feed about 20 foot up a Pine tree. I then tied off the ends to neighboring trees. One thing I am going to do next time is use Hi-Vis lines to secure the ends. They all but disappeared with a green, forest background.

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