Susan seeks feedback about the HAMRS logging application

Many thanks to Susan W(B2UQP), who writes:

Hi. I just had HAMRS recommended to me and wondered if anyone had used it extensively and reviewed it. I think I only saw one article (parenthetically mentioned by Scott, KN3A in August).

Thanks. QRPer just seemed like the perfect place to vent and/or explore this!

Avid QRPer Reader and 73,
Susan, WB2UQP

Thanks for your question, Susan–my hope is that others will comment as well.

I can say that I’ve been using HAMRS now for perhaps 3 weeks and have been very pleased. The great thing about HAMRS is that it works on any platform and OS you would take to the field: iOS, MacOS, Android, Linux, and Windows.

I have only used it on iOS (on my iPhone) and find that it’s overall, quite intuitive. I love the fact that it can pre-format the logs to be accepted in some of the most popular field activities like POTA and SOTA. If you have an internet connection, it can show live spots and even a QSO map with polylines. Great feedback when you’re in the field.

I’ve also used it while offline and it worked beautifully.

As with any electronic logger, though, I would also keep a paper copy of my logs as a backup.

You’ll be seeing me use HAMRS more in my field activations. It’s all but replaced N3FJP ACLog as my field logger.

My hope is that others with even more experience can comment. Very curious what experience is like on other operating systems!

16 thoughts on “Susan seeks feedback about the HAMRS logging application”

  1. Good to see more apps available for portable use. I’ve not tried this one but want to suggest that the author make it available via the F-Droid repository for us Android users with de-googled Android phones or directly through their web site.

  2. I believe what I read is that is is free for desktops (PCs and Macs) and $4.99 for mobile devices through the App Store (because the App Store charges the designer). I have it on a Mac desktop now. You’ll have to see for yourselves. Details are at:

    Susan, WB2UQP

  3. My only comment would be to avoid it if you are not in North America. It is very US-centric. Also, it doesn’t export ADIF files.

      1. Yeah I don’t know where that came from but any call sign you enter including all of my DX overseas contacts automatically populate with the country and user as long as they are in QRZ. Also it is the main logging software I use for all POTA’s and SOTA’s and I go to the log hit export ADIF and voilà it exports an ADIF which I them automatically upload to QRZ, SOTA Data and to my POTA contact. So there you have it.

        1. You’re right (obviously). I’d never clicked on the log’s settings button before – I’d been looking elsewhere.

  4. I have used it since May and have taken it on over 40 Parks On The Air and Summits On The Air. It is the only app I use for those portable applications and it works great and they are real good at troubleshooting and improving the app all the time. I highly recommend and there are several YouTube channels and videos who completely support this app. Check out Ham Radio 2.0 and K8MRD to name a few. If you want to see my POTA and SOTA videos using the app here is the link:

  5. I just started using HAMRS and although it’s easy to use, the QSO map feature stopped working after my first POTA logbook. I have no idea how to get it going again. Obviously, it’s because my contact’s grid squares are not populating from QRZ. I have a free account with QRZ; do you know if I need to subscribe? If so, why did it work one time and not since?
    Anybody know?

  6. Hi. Are you willing to send this note to the HamRS Community? The developer is quite good at addressing individual user’s problems. That way, many can learn from your situation (including the developer).

    Susan, WB2UQP

  7. Hi all, I’m thinking about down loading the HAMRS app to my laptop or iPad for POTA activations but I will have no internet access when in the field. How limiting to the app will this be?

    Thanks & 73

    1. It’s not super limiting with no internet access. You just wont see the callers QRZ information when you type. Basically it will act like a standard note pad that you will be able to eventually export to whatever email program you have once you get signal again.

      1. Thanks for the feed back. I downloaded it Saturday to my laptop and logged during a POTA yesterday, It worked great!! So I’m now all in 🙂

        Thanks again & 73,


  8. I installed hamrs on my android. It unusable because there are no edit gears on the qso’s.
    I have not been able to contact the developer and Google Play store refuses to give me a refund. It looks like a nice app if this problem can be addressed.

    1. I have used the HAMRS app extensively and have only logged with it for both field days and all of my POTA and SOTA outings. I have activated 43 states for POTA and 39 States for SOTA all using the HAMRS app and QRP and it works great.

      I have it on both my iPhone and iPad. I have even discussed some early issues with the developer who planned on moving to the Florissant area here in Colorado not that long ago. Not sure if he ever did.

      You can see me using it on any of my activation videos on YouTube.

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