The new Xiegu BK300 portable power station

Many thanks to Don (W7SSB) who notes that Xiegu has now added a portable power station to their product line:

The new Xiegu BK300 has a form factor much like power stations in the popular Jackery product line.

The BK300 features:

  • a 296Wh Lithium [I assume Li-Ion] battery
  • one 12 volt, 10 amp, DC output
  • a pure sine wave inverter with 110V output rated at 300W continuous and 350W surge/peak
  • three USB-A and one USB-C charging ports
  • recharging via USB-C, AC, DC input, and solar panel
  • a large LED light with diffuser

I’ve never purchased a power station to power my QRP rigs as I’ve always preferred simply using small LiFePo4 battery packs with my own DC accessories. I feel like this is a more cost-effective and simple approach for radio operation (plus, LiFePo4 batteries have insane longevity and shelf-life).

With that said, Li-Ion power stations like the BK300 are absolutely brilliant for camping and for all of those times you might need to power consumer electronics off-grid (including when the grid might be down at the QTH).

In the past, I have tested similar power stations, but their inverters were modified sine wave and injected unacceptable amounts of noise in my radio gear. Hypothetically, a pure sine wave inverter should not generate broadband RFI. Of course, this would need to be tested in real-world conditions.

If the inverter is indeed quiet, this might make for a great power station for camping–I had been considering a similar Jackery, but the price point on this one is actually lower for similar features and capacity. Radioddity has listed a discounted pre-sale price of $200.

Since they’re a sponsor of the SWLing Post, I’m mighty tempted to ask Radioddity for a loaner, else buy one outright.

Curious if any readers would like me to check it out? If there’s interest, I’ll get the ball rolling. Please comment!

Click here for the BK300 product page at Radioddity. 

9 thoughts on “The new Xiegu BK300 portable power station”

  1. I’ve had the same experience with another portable station that created too much noise on the 20m band. I would expect from Xiegu to have that in mind. Also, I wonder why 10A and not 20A, which would allow for more powerful transcievers without the hassle of carrying a 12,5v/20A power adapter.

    I am very interested in that review as well.

  2. As you stated, “rolling you own” is always a better option. I find these “generators” underpowered and expensive. You can build one with similar features and way more capacity for less money.
    (and no questionable battery cells). Save your money and only test if they provide you a freebee.

  3. I’m interested in your opinion. These power packs are intersting, but I’ve never actually purchased one.

    1. I’m sure it’s Lithium-Ion like all of the Jackery Power Stations. If it was LiFePo4, the price would be much higher.

    1. I was a bit surprised there was no obvious 110/220 toggle. I’ll look into this, but it does indeed look like a North American version.

  4. Just purchased the BK-300 from Amazon. I use it to power a usdx qrp transceiver. The unit powers down after about 30 seconds, but if I keep transmitting it stays on. It does this weather I have a load on it or not. Also, the DC output is 16.5 volts, a little high. I sent one back but the replacement does the same. Has anyone had a similar problem with the BK-300. I am thinking that the unit doesn’t see enough load and shuts down. Help.

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