Ofcom’s guide to the new EMF licence condition

Many thanks to Paul (VP9KF) who notes that Ofcom have recently published their amateur radio user’s guide to the new EMF licence condition.

Click here to download as a PDF.

I’ve read through this and must admit that as someone who typically operates at QRP power levels, I would have less worries than those pushing the legal limits in densely-populated neighborhoods.

2 thoughts on “Ofcom’s guide to the new EMF licence condition”

  1. Other than EMF burns, is there any REAL evidence (and I am not referring to the evidence that comes from the media) that can prove EMF is dangerous to your health? They have been complaining about this with cell phones for years and yet despite all the cell phone users, no evidence exists that shows cell phone usage is harmful. Ironically, cigarette smoking is extremely harmful to your health and yet there is little to no regulation and certainly no monitoring of its usage.

    I operate QRP in the parks and forest preserves near my home and I generally try and avoid people – especially teenagers! In the current political climate today my fear is that someone(s) will glom on to this and it will become the next cause hyped by the media. Soon a certain portion of the demographic will demand that the government protect them from all those evil ham radio operators out there. And of course they will most likely be protesting while smoking, vaping, or using legal pot.

    I hope the ARRL is paying attention to all this.

  2. Not to sound like a conspiracy nut, but, if you can take the long view (meaning decades) to assess the intended outcomes of government regulations and the behaviors of broadcast information providers, it’s hard not to see that there has been, and continues to be, a global effort to do away with the broadcast information freedom provided by wireless radio.

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