New UK RF Exposure regulations effective today

Many thanks to Paul (VP9KF) who shares:

The new RF Exposure regulations for the UK (only) have been brought into force on time, today 2021-05-18. Compliance dates for the new regs vary from service to service. For the full details try going to my RF Exposure Help page (UK version):

which contains links to Ofcom and the RSGB, the timeline and how to install LibreOffice in order to run the spreadsheets provided by Ofcom and the RSGB.

The spreadsheets are currently at v0.1.2. When they expect to be at full release (v1.0) is unknown.

Remember, the new regs apply to all installations which exceed 10 W EIRP, including mobile/portable. Other help pages exist for the USA (FCC) and EU (a sub-set of the 27 States) which follow the new FCC regs [already in place] and the speculation that the EU regs will change from existing ICNIRP 1998 to ICNIRP 2020 guidelines.

Paul, VP9KF

Thank you for sharing this, Paul!

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  1. This is a moving target. Ofcom today (2021-05-20) corrected some errors and added that online calculator (ahem, spreadsheet to download) and other ‘Guidance’ documents will be ready by 8th June, 2021.

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