Tom’s “Salt Water Amplifier” approach to portable & pedestrian QRP DX

Many thanks to Tom (G0SBW) who writes:

Hi Thomas

I thought I would drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying your posts – so much so I have subscribed.

I came across your posts while researching POTA (it is now available to hams in the UK and I have signed up for it). […]Most of my QRP sessions are pedestrian mobile but as I get older (I’m 82) I think they will become more /P.

What is quite different for me is that almost all of my operating is done from salt water marsh areas – so no trees at all for antenna supports. Of course, there are ways of getting around this problem by using masts with verticals, and mag loops. Using the readily available salt water amplifier, I’ve had quite a bit of DX success with SSB QRP. I’m now busy getting my CW up to scratch to get along better with POTA.

Here is a link to a YouTube video I made last year which shows a couple of my type of activity. It was made for a presentation so it is a bit long at 30 minutes:

73. ( or maybe that should be 72?). and Keep safe


Thank you, Tom! Brilliant presentation! Thank you so much for sharing (although you’re making me homesick for the UK). I love the idea of the sea water amplifier effect and have employed that in the past to my advantage.  I wish the coast were a little closer to my QTH, but sadly it’s a good 4.5 hour drive at minimum.

Thank you and please let us know if you post new videos.

Click here to view Tom’s video on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “Tom’s “Salt Water Amplifier” approach to portable & pedestrian QRP DX”

  1. Tom,
    i enjoyed this video a lot, and especially appreciate how you presented using printed materials; no animated graphics… how totally refreshing!
    All the best,
    Phillip – VE3OMI

  2. Very enjoyable. I’m thinking of the Portable Operations Challenge,. trying to get the best of both worlds–
    Day 1: Hampton, Virginia area
    Day 2: Skyline Drive



  3. We have a cabin 30 m above salt water, now I think I should go to the neighbouring beach and get my feet wet to make use of the salt water amplifier. Great video. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your POTA videos also. VO1OK

  4. How do I get info about:
    IC-705 QRP
    I just download and load the ICOM world repeaters in IC-705
    Internal Repeater Gateway Settings:
    Internal Repeater (Server IP/Domain) ? ! ? !
    where is that information ?

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