The new Mountain Topper MTR-4B V2 by LnR Precision

The venerable Mountain Topper MTR-3B

I’ve just noticed that LnR Precision has announced their new Mountain Topper MTR-4B V2.

They’ve released a few details with the promise of photos soon. Looks like the MTR-4B will of course sport four bands (80, 40, 30, and 20 meters) but adds two valuable tools its predecessors lacked: an SWR and RF power meter.

A full 5 watts output power is attained with a 12V supply, but the voltage operating range is 5.5 to 13volts.  The MTR-3B’s (photo above) has an upper operating range of 12V.

I look forward to checking out the MTR-4B and we’ll post photos as soon as they are available.

Here are the details from the LnR Precision Website:



“The Mountain Topper”

The LnR Precision MTR transceivers are designed to be efficient portable CW rigs. Whether climbing a mountain and operating SOTA or just out for an afternoon in the park, the MTR’s small size, light weight and meager battery requirements makes it a great choice for these activities.


  • Four bands – 80M, 40M, 30M and 20M
  • Very low receiver noise floor
  • Low current for maximum battery life
  • Wide operating voltage range – 5.5V to 13V
  • Full 5W “QRP” gallon with 12.0 Volt supply
  • 2 line, back lighted LCD display
  • SWR – RF Power display
  • Built in Real Time Clock
  • Internal Iambic B mode keyer, 5 to 31 WPM in 1 WMP increments.
  • Three Morse message memories with beacon mode.
  • Specifications: coming soon

7 thoughts on “The new Mountain Topper MTR-4B V2 by LnR Precision”

  1. It’s too small for an ATU but does have an SWR Meter which is a very useful addition.
    Don’t know why they used a red color for the case as the former blue / black rigs were cool.
    In the upcoming solar cycle QRP will be fun with this no frills rig and you don’t need a $ 1,300 ICOM 5 / 10 watt 705 to enjoy it.
    The important thing is that the other station ( normally the strong stations with a great antenna 😉 ) hears you 🙂

  2. I am anxiously awaiting the re release of the MTR-4B again. No word from LNR Precision yet! Hope to hear from them soon.

  3. While this is an older post, LNR has released another version. MTR-4B V2.3. Not a lot of new features from the V2 but probably refined a few of the features from it. I ordered one last week and should receive it before the big guy drops down the chimney. It will be my first Mountain Topper and I look forward to it. de K8DRT

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