Flashing red LED on the mAT-705Plus ATU? Stephen found a very quick fix.

Many thanks to Stephen (KD4LYO) who recently commented that his new mAT-705Plus ATU had charging issues. Shortly after I posted my first test of the mAT-705Plus in the field, he noted:

So far, not so good for me. I received the unit earlier this week. I immediately pulled it out of the box and charged it. Once finished it sat on my desk the rest of the week until I tried it out today. It was completely dead. I just went to plug it in to charge and the red power light is flashing really quickly, I could have sworn it was solid previously when charging. We will see what happens.

Stephen then followed up. Turns out, the issue was very easy to resolve:

So they really improved the inside of the tuner.

MAT-Tuner replied and said the battery had likely popped loose. Here is a pic:

Click to enlarge.

Thanks for the feedback, Stephen! That is an easy fix. I bet your ATU was handled pretty “aggressively” en route to your home. ‘Tis the seasons and all of that!

You’re right, too, I do like the looks of that board inside the mAT-705Plus. A major improvement over the original mAT-705.

Thank you for sharing your tip!

8 thoughts on “Flashing red LED on the mAT-705Plus ATU? Stephen found a very quick fix.”

  1. I looked at purchasing the mAT-125E. When I saw the battery compartment I was concerned about the security of the batteries in the holder. I thought about taping them in place. As much as I was interested in trying out the MAT-Tuner product I decided to purchase another LDG-Z11Pro II as I am already familiar with it and it interfaces with some of my Yaesu radios.

  2. Buy USA and enjoy!
    John VE3IPS

    I have a bunch of LDG and enjoyed building the Z11 for my FT817 over 15 yrs ago

    The Baluns are great too

  3. Thank you for this!!

    Mine was flashing and wouldn’t charge, and you just saved me a call and thinking my tuner was damages… I removed the panel, and voila… both batteries were popped out!

    Thanks again,

    73 Jim VE3 WYO

  4. You saved me! Yep, same problem with me – the battery popped up out of its holder. When putting it back together, I cut a strip of cardboard box about 3/8″ wide, and slid it back together with it pressing on the batteries. It’s not real tightly pushing them down, but I doubt they will pop up again

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