Flashing red LED on the mAT-705Plus ATU? Stephen found a very quick fix.

Many thanks to Stephen (KD4LYO) who recently commented that his new mAT-705Plus ATU had charging issues. Shortly after I posted my first test of the mAT-705Plus in the field, he noted:

So far, not so good for me. I received the unit earlier this week. I immediately pulled it out of the box and charged it. Once finished it sat on my desk the rest of the week until I tried it out today. It was completely dead. I just went to plug it in to charge and the red power light is flashing really quickly, I could have sworn it was solid previously when charging. We will see what happens.

Stephen then followed up. Turns out, the issue was very easy to resolve:

So they really improved the inside of the tuner.

MAT-Tuner replied and said the battery had likely popped loose. Here is a pic:

Click to enlarge.

Thanks for the feedback, Stephen! That is an easy fix. I bet your ATU was handled pretty “aggressively” en route to your home. ‘Tis the seasons and all of that!

You’re right, too, I do like the looks of that board inside the mAT-705Plus. A major improvement over the original mAT-705.

Thank you for sharing your tip!

4 thoughts on “Flashing red LED on the mAT-705Plus ATU? Stephen found a very quick fix.”

  1. I looked at purchasing the mAT-125E. When I saw the battery compartment I was concerned about the security of the batteries in the holder. I thought about taping them in place. As much as I was interested in trying out the MAT-Tuner product I decided to purchase another LDG-Z11Pro II as I am already familiar with it and it interfaces with some of my Yaesu radios.

  2. Buy USA and enjoy!
    John VE3IPS

    I have a bunch of LDG and enjoyed building the Z11 for my FT817 over 15 yrs ago

    The Baluns are great too

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