Silent Key: Marshall Emm (N1FN) owner of Morse Express, Oak Hills Research and Ameco

Many thanks to Dennis (K2DCD) who shares the following from the Fireflies QRP Group:

We are sad to announce that Marshall Emm, N1FN – long time QRP advocate, owner of Morse Express, Oak Hills Research and Ameco – is a Silent Key. Marshall passed away peacefully Monday morning, February 17, 2020, at Aurora CO Medical Center with his daughters and wife surrounding him. When more details are available, we will post a more comprehensive announcement. Our thoughts and prayers are with Marshall’s family. Messages, thoughts, stories can be sent to [email protected].

Dick AB0CD.

Thank you for sharing this sad news, Dennis. Rest In Peace, Marshall.

3 thoughts on “Silent Key: Marshall Emm (N1FN) owner of Morse Express, Oak Hills Research and Ameco”

  1. So sad to hear this news.
    N1FN’s knowledge and web site was a mine of information for me and many others in amateur radio.
    My condolences to his family at this dark time.
    He will be missed!
    RIP Marshall.

  2. Hello, I’m a recent Ham operator who is just learning Morse Code at age 73. Saying that it’s been difficult for me, is an understatement. So, in response to my many questions, I was directed to Morse Express where I found a wealth of useful information. Particularly the proper setup and tension adjustments of an antique paddle. The instructions were clearly written and concise, almost with encouragement. The result has allowed me to continue my pass of learning.
    In the end, I read of the closing of this business, and sadly, the passing of this gentleman who has continued helping others several years later, an enduring legacy that lives on.

    1. enjoyed our short QSO this a.m. on 40! sorry about my “LID” operating, havn’t had much practice. hope to work you again when i can remember the code !
      73. WA7DXC gary

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