Draft of new ARRL HF Bandplans

(Source: Southgate ARC)

The HF Bandplanning committee has been looking at the HF digital mode segments and has issued a new draft bandplan

In their report the committee say:

“Conflicts have surfaced about interference among digital segments of HF bandplans.  The situation was referred to the HF Bandplanning Committee for consideration and recommendations to increase harmony.”  

“The group considered a variety of positions on the issues, and developed the recommendations below.  In general, the Committee agrees that the recent, extreme popularity of digital modes is likely to continue or accelerate.  FT8 as a mode is the poster child for the rapid and extreme rise in popularity that is possible with the new digital modes.  We expect more of this evolution in the future.  Along with digital modes, there has been an increase in automatically controlled digital stations (ACDS). We believe this trend will continue as well.”

“In general, the committee is of the opinion that there is justification for additional space to become available for digital modes, as well as for the operation of digital stations under automatic control.”

Read the HF Bandplanning Committee report at this link

Draft HF Bandplan – Click here

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