Elecraft announces the new PX3 Panadapter

Elecraft-PX3-PanadapterLast Friday, if you were lucky enough to attend the Visalia DX Convention, you would have seen the debut of Elecraft’s new KX3 accessory, the PX3 Panadapter. (Many thanks to Eric (WD8RIF) and Michael (KD9AUR) for the tip!)

The compact PX3 form factor is similar to that of the KX3 (see photo above). Features/Specs include:

  • Full-color, fast waterfall of spectrum display
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Dynamic range and frequency span of up to 200 kHz
  • Can detect signals

    down to the noise floor of the KX3

  • Wide supply voltage range (8-15 V)

  • Low current drain (typ. 140 mA @ 13.8 V)

Click here to download the product sheet as a PDF.

You can pre-order the PX3 on Elecraft’s website: $499.95 as a modular kit, $569.95 factory assembled and tested. I understand that Elecraft plans to start shipping in June 2014.

3 thoughts on “Elecraft announces the new PX3 Panadapter”

  1. chipset/s and cpu/s used ? compiler/s ? builder/s ? firmware/s ?
    datasheets, electric scheme ? block scheme ?

    people should buy a technology without to know nobody about it ?

    the fact that Elecraft, normally is supported from GNU/linux does not do of it an UnTrUsTeD HaRdWaRe.

    i’ll buy, when i’ll see all 100% documentated technology !!!

    people must have the possibility to debug errors.

  2. Agree! I see that a lot of orders has already gone in before there is a manual. While a number of questions is answered on the website, simple things like power source, cabling, and tune rate need to be addressed before a thoughtful person should buy. If one thinks about it, Elecraft has a great record of producing good gear. I am quite sure that they are glad to get the early orders. That gives them an advance idea of popularity while developing the features. Think about it: Right now, most of the features, if you make a list, are not yet implemented or will be optional add-ons! Especially if you want the kit, wait a while. It will be last to deliver anyway. There are enough folks who just have to own low serial numbers. Let them fight it out while Elecraft gets the thing working right and lets the first couple hundred buyers of built units do the testing!

    Actually, as for the GNU-Linux statement, Elecraft is primarily supported via Windows and Mac. Their Linux software is not adaptable to a lot of Linux systems, and it is only software for updating anyway.

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