TX Factor: a brilliant Ham Radio show from the UK

Without a doubt, this is one of the best produced Ham Radio shows I’ve ever seen. I eagerly await TX Factor’s next episode.

Click here to view TX Factor’s website. Thanks for the tip, WD8RIF!

One thought on “TX Factor: a brilliant Ham Radio show from the UK”

  1. i am sorry, but i can’t believe that YAESU FT-1200 can be the best one ham radio base station transceiver.

    today again the best one are:

    JRC 135; Kenwood 940; Kenwood 950SDX; Icom Ic 781; Icom 7800; Yaesu FT 1000; Yaeseu FT 1000MP; YAESU FT 1000MP MARK V; YAESU FT 9000 CONTEST; Ten Tec Orion; Elecraft K2; Elecraft K3

    For that refers Samsung mobile phone, i think they are ok, but i used virtually keyoboard and i don’t find well cause they little keys.

    Then Android such as Ios, are not my preferred operatin systems, i use GNU/linux.

    Android uses a little part of the full operating system GNU/linux, but Android is a dirty operating system, it has nothing in common with GNU/linux is good only for dummies.

    I prefeer Replicant. http://replicant.us

    For that refers ham radio softwares; i don’t use NON free software.

    I use only 100% Free Software released under the terms of GNU General Public License.

    GNU/linux gNewSense distribution is full of packages for ham radio activity, so i don’t need to crack nothing, or to buy bugged NON free software.

    I use only 100% ham radio Free Software, and i prefeer to give money to developers, than to a software house which develops 100% Non free software.

    Best receivers are Ten Tec 340; Icom Ic R9000; Icom Ic R 9500; then there are Kenwood 5000; Kenwood T 2000; Trio 9R 59D; Halicrafter Sx 8.

    73 paolo iw0fzw

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