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LNR Precision introduces the FX-4: a four band CW/SSB transceiver

I saw a prototype of the FX-4 at the Dayton Hamvention this year. Initial impressions are that it is well-built and easily back-packable.

I will see about reviewing the LNR FX-4 after they become available.

Many thanks to Chris (K4RCH) for the tip!

(Source: LNR Precision)

It is has been a few months since we announced the FX-4 Transceiver but it is getting very close to being available for purchase. For those of you that are friends of our Facebook page or visited our booth at Dayton Hamvention got an early peek at it. Here is an updated picture and it will be a very sharp black color. Other pics are on theFacebook page. We have been making some last minute tweaks that we think you will really like. We plan to offer it for purchase under $500 and you can add your name to the wait list which can be found at the bottom of our purchase page.

FX-4 Specs

Transceiver size in inches 4.10L X 2.8W X 1.5T
Transceiver Weight 12.8 oz.
Current Drain on receive 250-270 ma
Current Drain on transmit 1200 ma
Receive/Transmit Bands 7.000.00 to 7.300.00 MHz
14.000.00 to 14.350.00 MHz
9.999.00 to 10.150.00 MHz
18.068 to 18.168.00 MHz
Frequency control 75 MHz
Display type LCD-128×64
Transmitter Max output power 5 watts CW
5 Watts SSB
Spurious emissions -43dB at 5 Watts
Side tone pitch 550Hz to 1500Hz adjustable
Receiver sensitivity 0.3uV
Selectivity -3dB/ 2.6K -40db/ 4.5K
Audio Output 1 Watt with 8 ohm speaker
Keyer Iambic A & B adjustable speed from 5 to 40 wpm
Memory Storage 10 per each Band total of 40
DSP filtering 300KHz, 500KHz. 1.3KHz, 1.6KHz, 1.9KHz, 2.2KHz, and 2.5KHz.
VFO Drift <5Hz after 5 minute warm up at 30c (<10Hz after 30 minute operation @ 40c)