One week and eight parks with the lab599 Discovery TX-500

Over at our other radio blog, the SWLing Post, I’ve been publishing reports and videos of the lab599 Discovery TX-500 general coverage QRP transceiver. If you haven’t been following those posts, you might like to check out the following articles in particular:

4 thoughts on “One week and eight parks with the lab599 Discovery TX-500”

  1. This thing is hitting a home run, they’re already giving a headache to all the Xiegu, Elecraft and the like portable rig makers.
    BTW I had suggested one guy at Xiegu I had exchanged emails with on what to engineer to get the real deal, but they did only 1/2 the job sadly.
    Finally a rig with weatherproofing.
    These guys know what the S/P/B/JOTA (and so on) need to get on the air in the field. 73 all de ha7wx chris

    1. I must admit: I want one for the weatherproofing aspects. In the spring and summer here in the mountains of western NC, rain showers can pop up from nowhere. Always sends me into a panic. I actually had a shower pop up on me with the TX-500 and no worries!

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