A Simple and Low Cost FT8 Transceiver

Many thanks to Pete (WB9FLW) who writes:

Adam Rong BD6CR has designed a simple DSB Transceiver for FT8. Crystals are available for 7.074 MHz. and 14.070 MHz (which can be “pulled” with a trimmer to 14.074 MHz).

Using only 4 Transistors, 2 IC’s, 3 Toroids, 5 Diodes/LED’s and a handful of resistors and capacitors this one watt wonder will get you on the air in no time.

Click to enlarge.

One could build this on Perfboard (see above), or use Ugly/Manhattan style construction. There are no plans for a circuit board.

Adam posted this on groups.io crkit:

“I built this 7074 DSB 1-watt radio and made 6 FT8 QSO with JA stations in 15 mins last weekend. It is fun to operate by switching PTT manually to keep it simple and lower current consumption.”

For more info check out crkits groups.io.

Wow! Thank you for sharing this Pete. I’ll have to give this a go myself!

5 thoughts on “A Simple and Low Cost FT8 Transceiver”

  1. That perfboard looks like it could be very useful. I wonder where you can buy this type of board?

  2. Hello
    I like this simple rig. Just one remark. I my humble opinion and in my understanding of the NE602 IC, I wonder whether the labels “to phone” and “to mic” are not inverted?
    I would also like to ask you, what type of microfone you have used with this rig. As far as I can see, you use some dynamic type, because no positive voltage flows to the microphone connector. I would be very pleased if you would give me a reply to my suggestions / questions
    73 de jfam

    1. That’s right, it seems upside down, but it actually refers to the Microphone and Headphone connections of the sound card. The device does not actually work on headphones and a microphone.
      Is it clear now?
      Costin, YO8RCD

  3. Hello, visiting your pages, I found a simple DSB transceiver, A SIMPLE AND LOW COST FT8 TRANSCEIVER. I ask you for permission so that I can draw the original schematic of this project, and make some updates that will be published on our blog: Projetos e transceptores. If so authorized by Mr. Adam Rong BD6CR, creator of the project. My regards, thank you very much, I await the response in this comment.
    Strong 73. Waldir Cardoso. Blog: Projetos e transceptores.

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