Elecraft discontinues the K1 and KX1

My Elecraft KX1

After rumors surfaced about the demise of the Elecraft “K1” line, Wayne Burdick (N6KR) made the following announcement on the Elecraft email reflector, specifically mentioning the original K1:

We should have made a formal announcement here. Yes, we discontinued it because certain parts are hard to come by now, making it no longer cost effective for us to manufacture.

It was a great product for us, and I used mine for years, taking it on many trips. I thought of it as a “Sierra on Steroids” at the time (referring to an earlier design I did for the NorCal QRP Club). But we’ve moved on to more versatile field radios, including the KX2 and KX3.


I’ve owned both the K1 and KX1 and they performed amazingly well. I suppose that’s why I also invested in both the KX3 and KX2 transceivers. I suppose all good things must come to an end.

I still own a K2/100 and I certainly hope Elecraft continues to support this fine transceiver. It’s unique in that it’s about the only American-made transceiver kit on the market that’s easily serviceable by a non-technician.  It’s also a rock-solid performer and, frankly, has a cult following of its own.

Vive le K2!

4 thoughts on “Elecraft discontinues the K1 and KX1”

  1. ”But we’ve moved on to more versatile field radios, including the KX2 and KX3.”
    I will add, significantly more expensive too. Well, I have two K1 rigs and will be using them until they, or I, die.

  2. It is a shame the K1 has gone by the way of the doh doh bird! I never did have a K1 but many times I found myself on the Elecraft website looking at it and thinking hard about buying one. I did have the KX1 (sold it) and as you know that is now gone as well. I have built 2 K2’s and am thinking very hard about purchasing a kit with the options I would like as it’s a great radio. I think the writing is on the wall for that radio too.

  3. Mainwhile I was able to buy K1 #00031, 4bander with atu and CW tuning indicator. It looks super, almost like new.
    Nevertheless still waiting for that K1S …. ..


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