LRN Precision announces two new QRP transceivers: the LD-11 and MTR5B


LNR Precision announced two new QRP transceivers this weekend: the MTR5B and LD-11.

Below, you can find details I pulled from LNR’s press release and website for both units:


The LD-11

The LD-11 is a new 11-band QRP transceiver based on the LNR’s LD-5 transceiver. The LD-11 covers from the 6 meter band down to the 160 meter band. A new feature on this model is a built-in panadapter. AM/FM/SSB and CW modes are all included.

Here is the description from LNR’s website:

The new LD-11 is Digital Direct Conversion, SDR type, build-in CPU (SM32a) DSP radio in which RF signals are directly converted to a digital data via differential and balanced A/D converters. This enables direct sampling with extremely low phase and floor noise.

The DSP is unique and features two independent channels. It also employs a unique differential algorithm within the software which is applied for IQ processing of the channels with phase suppression of the unwanted side-band channel.

The balanced ADC and DAC gives additional noise floor reduction and the receiver can handle interfering signals that are 100 dB stronger than the desired signal at a frequency separation of 10 kHz, and is about 130 dB stronger at 50 kHz separation. As the receiver and transmitter are using the same DSP channel, there is no gap between the receiver performance and the transmitter performance. Thus, there is a clean neighborhood on the bands. At the development stage, our intentions were motivated by the TX side-band noise of existing SDR manufacturers, so our aim was to fully equalize our transmitter to have noise performance that is compatible with the best modern receivers, or even better. After a arduous year of development , we think we achieved it!

This 11+ band radio is based on the LD-5, which has proven to be one of the most exciting QRP transceivers introduced in the last few years. Quite frankly, the performance rivals high end units offered by other manufactures at a much lower price point. Our motto is that we make QRP transceivers that you will want to take out in the field (without fear of breaking the bank).

LNR-Precision-LD-11-L-Side LNR-Precision-LD-11-R-Side

Note: I will review the LD-11 in the coming weeks and post images and notes here on



The new MTR5B 5-Band Mountain Topper is a fully-assembled 5-band CW transceiver KD1JV designs “Steve Weber” kit. The following are specifications/features from the LNR website:

40M, 30M, 20M, 17M, 15M
Size: 4.337″L x 3.153″W x 1.008″T
Weight: approx 6.4 OZ.


  • Switch selected 40/30/20/17/15 meter bands (no band modules to lose or change out)
  • Wide operating voltage range, 6 to 12 volts 15 ma Rx current at 12V supply
  • Efficient transmitter. Low current with 4W output
  • LCD display
  • Push button or Optional rotary tuning
  • 24 hour clock built in, with battery back up
  • Three 63 character programmable message memories
  • Message beacon mode with adjustable pause time


If you were lucky enough to grab a first production unit of either of these radios, I would love to post your overview/review! I’m looking forward to checking out the LD-11.

One thought on “LRN Precision announces two new QRP transceivers: the LD-11 and MTR5B”

  1. For my 60th birthday we decided to go to the beautiful island of Malta for 4 weeks ,so the Maltese ham radio license was applied for , 9H3FC ! , an apartment was booked for 2 Feb to 2 March 2017 in the village of Mellieha overlooking the church from its lofty location, we arrived and for the first week i just chilled out and relaxed , while eyeing up possible anchor points for the antenna ” , on the 8 Feb i decided to get ” on air ” , the antenna , a half wave end fed wire for 20m was erected in a ” dog leg ” fashion, one end being attached to a very convenient nail at the edge of the pool, the middle of the antenna being supported by a well positioned sun parasol for extra height, the other end trailing down to the atu at 45 degrees supported by a potted plant !
    The radio kit was promptly set up …..
    The LNR Precission MTR-5B 5 band 4 watt CW only transceiver
    8 x AA rechargable batteries plus holder
    An Emtech ZM-2 atu ( tunes almost anything you have ! )
    A 20m half wave end fed wire , A 30m end fed ,a counterpoise wire
    A Palm ” Pico ” morse paddle
    A pair of AKG headphones
    The first CQ on 20m gave me a reply from OK1TPI ,things were looking good !
    Over the next 22 days i operated most mornings and some afternoons ( it was also a family holiday ) , i use 20m,17m and 15m to great effect with just 4 watts of RF running of batteries ,
    in total 300 QSO,s were made into 36 DXCC countries including 4 continents ! , a superb outcome , i set my target for 60 contacts and well exceeded this,
    The icing on the cake was a call from Gary ZL2IFB in Hastings New Zealand , and long path too ! , a distance of some 11500 miles away !
    Asiatic russia was worked several times , also W2 ,WA0,K4,4X4,G etc.
    A total of 13 two way qrp contacts were made into DL,OM,F,ON,S51,SP9,OK2,OH and OE.
    Fello FISTS member Doug WA0CRI in MN ( FISTS 15399 ) was also worked .
    To sum up the little mini Dxpedition to Malta surpassed my expectations, the litlle MTR5-B ( which fits into your top shirt pocket ! ) proved to be a star performer for me , very fond memories of my 60th birthday in the sun with a little qrp operating will make me smile for a very long time !
    73 Chris 9H3FC / G4UDG.

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