My favorite ham radio apps for iOS and Android


In November 2013, The Monitoring Times magazine published an overview of my favorite ham radio and shortwave radio apps for iOS and Android smart phones/tablets.

I just posted the full article on my shortwave radio blog, The SWLing Post.

Since I plan for this article to be a regularly updated, I struggled to decide whether to keep it here on or on the SWLing Post–I certainly didn’t want two copies and I didn’t want to separate the hobbies with two different posts. In the end, since I’m now the shortwave radio columnist for The Spectrum Monitor magazine, I decided the SWLing Post would be the best place to hold the post.

I plan to update this app list regularly to include new apps and remove ones which are no longer available. If you have a favorite radio app that isn’t listed, please comment on the SWLing Post. Click here to read the article!

2 thoughts on “My favorite ham radio apps for iOS and Android”

  1. Just downloaded the Repeater Book app. Unfortunately, it only has VHF/UHF listings. Would like to see it include better repeater reporting: IE:, showing 220, 900, and 1.2 Meg repeaters……

  2. Thanks for the great list of apps. One that I find very useful when travelling is “Repeater Locator” for iOS. It is and always will be FREE and has had a few updates to it’s database since I installed it, so it is continually being updated.

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