A review of the Elecraft KX3 on The SWLing Post

IMG_6686Many of you know that I’m not only into QRP, but I’m an avid shortwave radio listener, as well.

If you’re an SWLer, too, you might might consider venturing over to my shortwave radio blog, The SWLing Post, where I just published a review of the Elecraft KX3. Unlike other reviews of the KX3, this was originally written for the May 2013 issue of Monitoring Times Magazine and focuses on the KX3 as a shortwave radio receiver.

Click here to read the full review.

2 thoughts on “A review of the Elecraft KX3 on The SWLing Post”

  1. I read the review and it’s great you were able to show some sides of the KX3 I never thought of. Seeing it as an SWL rig was very interesting also the short comings that you brought out were spot on. Thanks for taking the time to go over the SWL capabilities of the radio.

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