Ten-Tec Argonaut VI on Sherwood’s Receiver Test Table

Rob Sherwood, with Sherwood Engineering, just updated his receiver test data table with the Ten-Tec Model 539 Argonaut:


The Argonaut VI certainly holds it own in comparison with contest grade radios.

One thought on “Ten-Tec Argonaut VI on Sherwood’s Receiver Test Table”

  1. I hope I made the right decision. I was debating with myself whether to buy the KX3 or the Argonaut, and ordered an Argonaut yesterday. I liked the simpler front panel controls, and while I would have liked 12 and 6 meters, I’ve never used 60 meters, so that wasn’t a big issue. I glanced at the manual, and found that there are an initial round of settings that I might have to fiddle with, but after that, everything should be good to go. I did like the fact that the roofing filter was included. I didn’t get the AM option, as currently, I’ve only used that mode to tune up with. I did get the CW filter option, along with the hand mic. The receiver data reassures me that I did OK. I will get together with my friends who have KX3s and compare radios with them.

    73, Tom

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