G6LBQ MKII multiband transceiver in the works

DXKitsLogoA news release from Andy (G6LBQ) & Adrian (2E0SDR):

I have a news release about the NEW version of the world famous G6LBQ multiband transceiver. Andy G6LBQ is releasing the MKII version through a partnership with Adrian Lane (2E0SDR). They have formed a company called DX KITS, it will trade from www.dxkits.com, it is currently in the development stage.

We are having manufactured industry quality PCB’s for the NEW linear board that us 3 x RD16HHF1 Mosfets, along with a digital VFO board coming soon that utilises the SI570. Andy then intends to update the Filter Boards and also create a new and improved exciter board, both the Linear Board & the new VFO board will be compatible with the existing exciter board that will become obselete when the new MKII exciter board is relesed later this year.

There are lots of new development going on with Andy (G6LBQ) and DX Kits for a very brite future and large upgrade for the G6LBQ and Homebrewer all round. DX Kits will be the sole worldwide supplier for the G6LBQ MKII and all of Andy’s future developments. Please visit us at the G6LBQ Yahoo group at groups.yahoo.com/group/G6LBQ/ and keep an eye on our developing site at dxkits.com. We are awaiting our first batch of PCB’s, then the sky is the limit for the HF Homebrewer.


Andy (G6LBQ) & Adrian (2E0SDR)

4 thoughts on “G6LBQ MKII multiband transceiver in the works”

  1. Hi Andy
    Is there a possibility of getting hold of your latest multiband bitx schematics of the pc board?I have made the ver 3 of the bitx already and am busy fitting parts. Being a cash strapped pensioner I am unable to buy the board. Kindest regards
    Allan ZS1BBR

  2. The G6LBQ HF Linear Amplifier Module is a reproducible 20Watt PA module using rugged Mitsubishi RF Mosfets. There are many advantage of using genuine RF devices over cheaper general purpose power Mosfets.The Linear Amplifier module has been designed to interface perfectly with the G6LBQ HF Multiband Transceiver…….


  3. G’day there,
    I have an early version of the Bitx Multiband, built the exciter board, BPF and the LPF. I was originally going to use an external linear to about 40 watts, but have changed my plans. Will the new linear amp module be suitable for the older kits ( bought at least 2 years ago!). Where can I get the module kit, and what power output can I expect from the Exciter board? Have a great Christmas and a very prosperous new year 2014!
    Norm VK5GI
    Willunga, South Australia

  4. Andy & Adrian
    Just how hard would it be to add AM as a mode on this and the other sideband that is left out. I have been looking for a homebrew rig that is equal to some of the rig’s that are to be had, and the lack of all mode is the only thing that slows my purchase. Would love to have an all mode 80-10M ready to go when I pass my General in the near future. I am the guy that has been into the Maker movement long before it had the name. Homebrewing is where it’s at for me. Thanks for your time and information

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