Ham Radio Magazines now also available as a free download

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Just after we announced that 73 Magazine was available on archive.org as a free download, Ham Radio Magazine (1968-1990) is also now available. [Thanks to John AE5X (via QRP-L) and Eric WD8RIF for the tip!]

I cannot underscore the treasuretrove of information that you can mine out of these two publications. Both 73 and Ham Radio Mag have numerous articles related to home brewing, antenna design and low power operation.

What are you waiting for???  Christmas is here early! Go grab your copies of Ham Radio Magazine!

[UPDATE: It appears Ham Radio Magazine has been removed from Archive.org. Has anyone noticed if they’re still available somewhere online?  Please comment!]

Be sure to check a full index of article by topic at Bill VE3WGX’s website.

33 thoughts on “Ham Radio Magazines now also available as a free download”

  1. If HR (Ham Radio) Magazine is available, how come I can’t find a single issue?
    In particular, I’m looking for the article “Appreciating the L matching network”
    on pages 26-30 in the September, 1980, issue.

  2. Can that “Ham Radio Magazine” link be repaired…??? It would be great to go thru those articles agn …. tnx wb0zlx 🙂

    1. Hi, Scott,

      I have had no luck locating them on Archive.org. 73 Mag is still there, but not Ham Radio Mag. ANyone following this thread have a lead on a good link? I’m afraid they been removed.


  3. I just checked and it seems that H.R.M. may have been removed. The most likely thought is for copyright reasons… Maybe so that the ARRL can sell it to you instead.
    They are the ones with control over HRM.

  4. I have a bunch of these old HR Ham Radio Magazine. Looked on ebay to see if they was collectible and found nothing. If I can’t sell them I guess I’ll just toss them in the trash.

  5. I had access at one time but NO MORE. I checked out ARRL and they have a 3 CD set of all back issues of Ham Radio Magazine for about $150.00. Perhaps that is why the Archive is no longer available. Bottom line: Pay Me! I loved that Magazine but all my old issues disappeared when we moved in 1984.

  6. Hi looking for all the build articles relating to the WPO OMEGA transceiver in the 1983 H.R.T. magazine. has anybody got same in loft/attic please,cheers,snowy

  7. Apparently, Ham Radio Magazine is owned by CQ – the complete set can be purchased, but it’s not in the public domain.

  8. I downloaded ALL the 73 mags from the Internet Archive, but the Ham Radio mags had been removed before I discovered them. That suxs!

  9. I notice there are some folks who lost out on the 1968-1990 Magazine downloads. I dug back down and found them in some local Ham Radio archives directory (not on the net) … give me a heads up if there is still interest…”

    The goal here is to reach out maybe get a replacement DVD out to someone that had lost or misplaced theirs.


    1. This is a super long shot since this post is old, but I am desperately looking for the October 1981 volume. If you still have it and would be willing to email it to me, I’d be very very grateful!

      <3 Janine

      (My email is [email protected])

  10. I’d easily pay $10-20 for a DVD with all (most?) of the Ham Radio magazines on it. I may have been a “charter” subscriber, but gave them all away in a down-sizing effort several years ago, and I’d love to have them available again.

  11. My DVD from Steve arrived a few days ago, and it seems to be
    complete from the March-1968 through the June-1990 issues. Definitely a good bargain, whether you just like to read old radio magazines or if you are really “into” DIY HAM construction projects.

  12. Dear Sir,
    I want to have a dvd of full H.R.M.
    As you kindly wrote me about that ,
    I want that to be sent to a city in Canada.
    Just tell me how much money I should send you.
    Best Regards.

    1. vahid,
      Please contact me at the following email address, [email protected]
      This board/forum is not for personal discussions. There you can send your Canadian mailing address.
      Thank you,

  13. Are the dvds of ham radio still avaliable? Have from 1976 thru 1981. Thanks for your effort. Merry Christmas.

    Regards Ron 73

  14. Steve ,
    I sent you two emails concerning the DVD,
    I a nice thing you are doing to help this community.
    Thanks in advance,

  15. Hello Club,
    Does anyone have new information for the following gentleman:
    “Bill VE3WGX”

    regarding…HRM on-line Cumulative Index



    Thank you,

    1. Dear STeve,
      I have sent you many emails , but you did not answer any.
      Please let me know if your email has changed.
      Is this email still yours:
      [email protected]
      I want to know about RADCOM Magazine (RSGB)archieve.
      PLEASE reply.

  16. Excellent info Bill,
    Additionally, if you are not looking for the full set, just maybe an article or two from some magazine…they offer 3-sets of 4 CDs each which covers a portion of the years over the subscription period as indicated below:

    Ham Radio Magazine on CD 1968-1976
    Ham Radio Magazine on CD 1977-1983
    Ham Radio Magazine on CD 1984–1990

    Review them here;

  17. Thank you for for this great gesture to the Ham community . I VU2NW got my licence in 1956 & and the availability of the 73 magazine was a great asset and a source of information from about 1970 . No words can ever express my gratitude to great people who published 73 in early Ham hood days

  18. Han Radio Mag is free on American Radio History.org An amazing resource for all sorts of radio related magazines.
    Richrad Wagner

  19. 73 Magazine, Ham Radio Magazine can be found in the old but current (which continues to work) eMule, in addition to many things, go back to the eMule you have to open ports on the router, but on the internet there are tutorials.

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