New Hendricks Dual Band HF Transceiver Kit Announced

Hendricks QRP Kits has announced that they will have a prototype of a new CW transceiver kit, designed by Steve Weber (KD1JV), at their Pacificon booth this year. Features of this transceiver include:

  • Dual Band – you get to pick 2 bands (anything from 160M-15M) when you order
  • Built-in keyer
  • Digital readout
  • Tuning knob
  • A custom powder coated and punched case with a bright red top and an antique white base

Hendricks has not announced a price yet, but they plan to keep it very competitive. Their goal is to have the kits in production in time for Christmas. What a great stocking stuffer!

I will post more information on QRPer as it becomes available.

3 thoughts on “New Hendricks Dual Band HF Transceiver Kit Announced”

  1. I ordered the PFR-3 and received it on June 6. I have built a few kits but this was GREAT. I sent the chip to be re-worked as mine was in the first 100 I read. I still have not done the mod on the circuit board. I have been having too much fun operating it. I would like my next rig to be the new Hendricks 2 band kit. Is there any place to learn more about it?
    Tnx de Paul N0NBD ar sk ..

  2. Thanks for the report on the PFR-3, Paul! I would love to post some photos of yours. Do you have a portable to-go kit for it?

    As far as the new 2 band kit, I’ve seen very little about it other than the announcement. Check back here as I will post an announcement as soon as there’s more info available.

    Tom kf4tzk

  3. Tom,
    I will take a new and better photo of my go bag. It is a Stanley tool box if I want a LOT of stuff or a leather camera bag with just the PFR-3, an extra tuner. some end fed wires and my old standby Norcal doublet that I get up on a crappie pole. I am old and fat and tree challenged to be getting wires high in the trees lol. I will send a new pic tnx for the reply I like your site and have in on my blogs list de Paul N0NBD ar sk..

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