Hamvention: Tokyo Hy-Power’s XT-751 5W HF HT

I was very surprised to find this handy talkie, the Tokyo Hy-Power XT-751 HF handheld transceiver, at the Dayton Hamvention. This radio will cover from 40 meters to 6 meters in both SSB and CW. It will also have an internal ATU. It is only a concept radio at this point.

Tokyo Hy-Power hopes to have this radio in production mid 2014.



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10 Responses to Hamvention: Tokyo Hy-Power’s XT-751 5W HF HT

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  2. ak4av says:

    2014?? I wanna now. Did you happen to observe any attendees’ reaction to the concept model? I hope this is a trend. Another example: the Youkits TJ2B: http://youkits.com

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  6. mike simpson says:

    Hi everyone,

    It is nice to see an ht with ssb for hf, but i’ll think that the price is 800 usd to high.

    We also have the 817 from yaesu wich is a way better price,but its still a yaesu.

    I’m gonna put the money on the new 817 when it comes arround.

  7. MArk PD0MV says:

    Nice rig as handheld but 1200 usd dollar is to expensive, maybe as i have enough money. I have the FT-817 from yaesu that’s a realy nice rig too.

    73’s de PD0MV

  8. k4swl says:

    For what it’s worth, someone with Tokyo Hy Power hinted to me that they’d like to keep this under $800, maybe even in the $600-700 range. I almost feel like that’s ambitious for them, but $600 would be an excellent price point if it’s a performer and built as well as their concept prototype.


  9. KØGDI says:

    I had their previous model HT and believe me they are cool. But don’t expect to get out unless you have a seriously good band opening. Meaning that you can really only use this a few times a year. I sold mine because I would rather put that money towards something I can talk on all the time and any time. Was neat to have it and show it to other hams.

  10. steve says:

    does anyone know where I could purchase a used 20 meter qrp ssb rig ?

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