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A tour of the Edward R. Murrow Transmitting Station

For those of you, like me, who got their start in ham radio by listening to international broadcasters on the shortwaves, you might like the article I just posted on the SWLing Post. It’s a tour of the Edward R. … Continue reading

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CW on the pirate bands

Last night, I captured the pirate radio station Dit Dah Radio on 6,935 kHz (+/-) USB. I published the audio on my shortwave radio blog, The SWLing Post, where I post quite a lot of shortwave radio recordings. I’m well … Continue reading

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Google Doodle honors Heinrich Hertz’s 155th birthday

If you visit Google’s home page today, you’ll notice that their typical logo has been replaced with an animation of an undulating, multi-colored wave. If you click on the wave, you’ll be taken to sites telling the story of Heinrich … Continue reading

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